Tough Teak

In Indonesia, while traveling with the Southern Adventist University Symphony Orchestra, we saw truckloads of beautiful mahogany and teak logs that were heading to the sawmills.  Hard to believe that the mahogany was to be used for floor joists and the teak would be hard wood flooring.  We here in America find this mind-boggling!  Such ornate wood to be used so casually.

Teak is highly prized in America and Canada due to its durability and water resistance.   It’s oils and density make it termite and bug resistant. Teak is a beautiful rich brown wood streaked with shades of yellow.  It has been used on some of the best pleasure boats and is often used on cruise ships around their swimming pool decks  and on the outside decks.

Many of the best cruise ships use teak arm chairs and teak chaise loungers.  Teak is easily maintained.  Cruise ship deck hands wipe the sea water off the chairs and loungers and stack them to be ready for the next sunny day.  At home, you can do the same.  Just wipe them off and either stack them for tomorrow or put them around the patio, lawn, or garden for use today.  Or you could just leave them out in the sunshine and  let them weather to a nice silvery gray.

In other words, Teak chaise loungers and teak arm chairs would be wonderful choices  for outdoor living, dining or just to sit in and relax.  Enjoy the warm sunshine, the cooling breezes and  have pleasant thoughts on this beautiful spring day.


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