Daily Prompt: In the Summertime

teakAh, Summertime. Green grass. Flowers, Trees. Summertime makes me think of picnics out on the green, green grass. Children playing on the blanket and the adults sitting on new teak or cedar chairs. What could be better?

In southeast Tennessee many of the lumber stores, do-it-yourself stores, and especially the garden shops and grocery stores all have the big displays of fruit trees, flowers and early vegetable plants.  There is a smell of spring in the air.  These outdoor markets have standing room only for the crowds of people flocking to buy their plants.

Next will be the smell of liniment for the aching muscles.  Most of these ‘week-end’ gardeners are not used to the hard work of preparing the soil to plant the trees, flowers and vegetable plants.  What to do?  Rub those sore muscles?  No, even better would be to sit on the patio surrounded by your beautiful spring flowers, and just enjoy yourself.
Chattanooga had a big Home and Garden Show the third week of March, 2014, and showed several new style patios with raised stone levels. There were wonderful waterscapes  and, of course, beautiful flower plantings and designs.  The old concrete slab for a patio is almost a thing of the past.  New ones now show outdoor kitchens — not just grills– but actual kitchens.  What a thoughtful addition.  Ladies take note!  We do the inside cleanup but the men take care of cooking and cleaning up outside!  What a break for us!

We ladies can just sit back and talk to our friends about our picturesque  patios and our fantastic new patio furniture.  Which wood do you prefer?  Just what are the merits of cedar and teak?










Now is the time to think about putting some quality teak or cedar furniture on that patio.  In teak we have Teak Derby Benches that feature an arched  back, a sloped seat and a Shaker slatted back rest.  We also have Teak Wave Benches that have a specially designed wave seat curved for the lower lumbar.  Our Teak Rocking Chair is extremely comfortable and roomy.  It, too, has a gently sloped seat and curved lumbar support. With a Round Teak Side Table your Teak Patio would be ideal.

If you are the more rustic type person, we have a delightful array of Cedar furniture including the Cedar Adirondack chair.  This is the traditional design adirondack chair with contoured back support and oversized arm paddles.  The Cedar Athena Adirondack chairs are very comfortable with European styling including a pocket seat and curved back.  Our Cedar Garden Bench comes with a comfortable curved seat with Shaker slat design.  If you are fortunate enough to have a large tree around your house, we have a 5 sided or a 6 sided Tree Bench that would be the ideal addition for any yard or garden.  This casual seating could also be a subtle focal point in your yard.



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